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    Cruising Norwegian fjords
    Photo: Exclusive Scandinavia

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    Husky safari
    Photo: K. Chae/visitfinland.com

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    Hiking in Romsdalen
    Photo: Øyvind Heen

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    Coastal settlement Northern Norway
    Photo: Ole Jørgen Liodden/nordnorge.com

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    Summer farms in Norway
    Photo: Øyvind Heen

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    Winter biking
    Photo: Juho Kuva/visitfinland.com

Our service

Exclusive Scandinavia has specialized on bespoke programs for yacht passengers and other clients in the high-end market who want to explore the fjord and Arctic regions of Scandinavia in an adventurous way on first class. We pay a lot of attention to our customers special needs and preferences and are intimately involved in all day-to-day operations.

Our team has a long experience both in tour operations in general and yacht operations in special. We design a wide selection of itineraries to cover the whole range from active nature based adventures to sightseeing and cultural tours to explore the area`s history, nature and culture
For our yacht customers we offer various services from consultancy on shore excursion programs and events to management of the whole operation included a “hands on” management in various ports, to mention some.

Our aim is to create unique itineraries to match every single customer`s interest and wish. Whether you plan a private cruise to explore the Norwegian fjords and coast, an adventurous family wildlife tour in a national park, a privately escorted classic fjord round-trip, a special day event off the beaten tracks, an exciting genealogy tour to trace your roots and family, or a spectacular Northern Lights and winter experience, we have something for you.

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Address: Skulegata 11 A, N-5700 Voss, Norway
Tel.:+47 5652 9590 / +47 9915 1500
Organization number: NO 991 241 876